You have arrived.

Here. To this place of acceptance and compassion.
You have accepted that you are human.
You have flaws. Although imaginary.
You’ve made mistakes. Which helped you grow and learn forgiveness.
You recognized the beauty of it all. Although sometimes you still forget.

& that’s okay.

Allow yourself this understanding.
The full and complete freedom to


Without worry about what might come,
what might go.

Surrender into the heart space.

You can not ever be alone.


Who am I?

Name: Evelina Pehrman
Age: 24
Residence: Sweden
I LOVE: Reiki, Dance, Drawing & Painting, Yoga, Nature, Travel, FOOD
Purpose of being alive: LOVE

May this website give you a break from whatever is going on that you need a break from. May you have gained clarity as you exit. May you find yourself in a freer space, a more joyous space to continue from.