A new dawn

Hi you who reads this, it has been a while since I last made my presence known here on the blog page, and perhaps it is even your first time here - welcome.

The last couple of months huge transformations have occurred for me and weekly I find myself embodying something new - being someone new completely. I’ve matured and I have grown into a woman I adore and trust fully. I am 24.6 years old when writing this and it took me until now to stop being a child. I say this with a big smile because it DOES take time to heal our child wounds (and until then to some extent we are all ruled and limited by them) and although I had a fairly good childhood with parents who did their best raising me with what they had, I still experienced trauma - simply from being human (or being a non-human in a human body). From what I’ve heard and understood it is few of us with flawless childhoods.

There will always be something. As we grow older we simply learn how to handle life. As we grow stronger it gets easier. But if we are set on not changing things might not get any easier. So let’s decide to be open to change and be open to life and be open to learn. This way we can enjoy it. And it can be pretty fking good when we do.

So hey you, first timer or regular blog reader. Maybe you’ve noticed there is not much to read here yet. I deleted pretty much all of my previous posts simply because I felt there was a big gap between who I was when I wrote them, who I am now and my truth that has changed in that space in between.

From this moment on I will be completely honest here and make sure that whenever I post you can feel a direct line to my heart from it. I will no longer consciously put distance between me and what I love: You.

No more succumbing to fear by not daring to embody my courageous heart and tell of what is in there.

I grew sick of living like that. Maybe you can feel my almost raging energy when you read this. I am not angry, although I once was very, but I feel an incredibly PUSH from inside of me - from my soul - to live as the warrior I have lived many times as, but this time through doing good. And this I do through loving.

I will be back here on a more irregular regular schedule from now on and I hope you will be here to read at that time too!

Until then you can find me almost daily on Instagram (@pehelina) and Twitter (@pehelina) :)

Much love,