A Poem from June 3rd

Even though at times I am unsure of where I am going, I am proudly walking forward. With my heart intact and always expanding out of love, I will keep moving as I believe the road will continue and my path unfold.

I know I am infinite. And how I live my life should not matter to no other than me. Therefore, for my life to matter, I have to care. I have to care enough to approve of every moment and I have to keep loving myself for fuel.

Even though right now all I can see is where I want to go and where I would like to be, I know I am already on a treasure island. After all, it is just a label I put on a place once I have acknowledged the blessings and then happened to grow fond of it.

So as each petal of my flower of life unfolds, I conclude that once completely unfolded, I will have been moved and where I then am is a great field of flowers which petals simply dance along with me as they sway in the wind.

/June 3rd 2018